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DLA Editors & Proofreaders Now Offers Special Assistance for Medical Residency Personal Statements

Copy editing specialists help medical students capture attention of residency programs


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2013 -- When it comes to personal statements, no one sets higher standards than DLA Editors & Proofreaders does. To them, merely a good personal statement for medical residency is not good enough. Their two flagship personal statement services—Personal Statement Revision and Critique, and Personal Statement Consultation—help medical students and others write the best possible personal statement when applying for residency program. With more than 30,000 applicants competing each year for residency positions, candidates must deliver comprehensive, unique personal statements that will capture program directors’ attention.

“We understand how important a personal statement can be to securing a spot in a top-tier residency program,” said David Lombardino, president and founder of DLA Editors & Proofreaders. “Many medical students have excellent grades and significant volunteer, research or other work experience, so sometimes it comes down to the personal statement to set one potential resident above another.”

DLA Editors & Proofreaders have developed their personal statement services based on their proprietary approach that helps each candidate tell his or her own story in the most compelling manner possible. They specialize in helping medical students address red flags in their personal statements. No matter whether they are international medical graduates, have had extended gaps in training, have received low scores on the USMLE tests, or have pursued other careers before a career in medicine,, DLA Editors & Proofreaders takes pride in turning negatives into positives. With their personal statement services, they help their clients show how overcoming these obstacles have made them stronger candidates.

DLA Editors & Proofers focus on each individual personal statement to make it the best it can be. Clients who have utilized DLA Editors & Proofreaders for their medical residency personal statements have reported a 100% match rate. After committing so many years to preparing themselves for medical residency, aspiring doctors need to convey their character, experience, and aspirations in a well-written, engaging personal statement. With DLA Editors & Proofreaders, they can take a large step toward reaching their goal.

To inquire about DLA Editors & Proofers’ editing, critique and consultation services for medical residency personal statements, visit http://www.dlaeditors.com/.

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