No Rest Fitness Launches New School of Thought for Fitness

Company releases a line of fitness products intended for the most effective workout


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/22/2015 -- Forward thinking fitness company "No Rest Fitness" has announced their intention to develop a new brand of fitness products, intended specifically for home gym and crossfit workout routines.

After years of preparation, and resisting the urge to launch their products too early, No Rest Fitness have developed and manufactured a new line of home gym equipment, and now are releasing it to the public. Following a months-long testing and tweaking phase, the new products have come off at the highest industry standards, for both professional and home use.

The No Rest Fitness brand line has been designed to offer a full body workout to office workers and people who've only recently decided to give their bodies the attention it deserves. At the same time, the products have been designed and tested by life-long fitness enthusiasts, ensuring the highest levels of quality, comfort and tool endurance.

Here is what sets No Rest Fitness apart from other brand names in the industry:

-The creators of No Rest Fitness are die-hard fitness enthusiasts, who've been frustrated by the lack of cheap, yet efficient fitness products available for daily use. The products were designed and created on the basis of everyday use at the gym and at home.

-Starting with the Speed Jump Rope, which is already available on Amazon, and the other 5 products to be released over the coming months, the products are aimed at full body crossfit workout routines performed by people of any physical preparedness.

-Every product has been designed by the founders of the company, tested out in prototype form, and mass- manufactured in top-shelf factories. The team has put an emphasis on providing worldwide shipping, with warehouses in all continents.

With the Speed Jump Rope as the pilot product released to the public, No Rest Fitness want to show that the choice for crossfit equipment doesn't always have to be between "good" and "cheap", but rather that the two can be combined. In the coming months, the company plans to release exercise balls, wrist straps, resistance bands and a few other products intended for raising the bar in the fitness product niche.

In order to establish their brand name in the industry, No Rest Fitness is offering a free sample of all their products to anyone, who would then test it out and write a review about their experience. The goal is to show the world that there is indeed a notable difference between fitness products, and that the No Rest Fitness brand is one that guarantees quality.

About No Rest Fitness
Founded in 2014 as a collaboration between a die-hard fitness enthusiast and a professional personal gym trainer, No Rest Fitness is the end result of an idea born many years ago. Having experienced first-hand the lack of proper crossfit training equipment available for the public, the founders saw a niche that ought to be filled.

Passionate about their "one equipment for all" ethos, the No Rest Fitness team aims to make a healthy lifestyle and body a goal attainable by anyone. Complemented by the regular workout tips and exercise routines posted on the company website, No Rest Fitness products are there to make that goal come true.

Contact: Krisjanis Kirilovs

Notes to editor:

1.No Rest Fitness launched its first product – Speed Jump Rope – in March 2015.
2.Exercise Ball, Wrist Straps, Resistance bands and other products to be released in 2015.
3.No Rest Fitness offers a free sample of the products to anyone in exchange for a public review.
4.For further information please use the contact details above.