No Risk Automation Newsletter Explored Lean Process Manufacturers Adopting AGVs


Monroe, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2014 -- The September 15th issue of No Risk Automation, a monthly e-news publication, discussed the safety consideration in automation. The key factor in choosing AGV automation must always be the determination that the new automated system will operate safely in the DC or plant floor. This top priority is integral in the AGV purchasing decision because the answer is almost always yes when AGVs are purchased from reputable vendors who follow ANSI B56.5.

ANSI B56.5 defines safety requirements for powered, unmanned automatic guided industrial vehicles. The standard requires that the users are responsible for all factors affecting the operation and maintenance. This responsibility includes load stability and marking the travel path on the floor, including turning and maneuvering clearances. There are also requirements for manufacturers.

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