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No Sore Bed Pad Is Introducing Their Line of Lab Tested Bed Pads


Montreal, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- No Sore Bed Pad is a company that manufactures therapeutic bed pads that specialize in weight distribution and moisture control. They are introducing their line of bed pads that are lab tested for air permeability as well as pressure redistribution (eliminating pressure points, one of the sources of bed sores). According to company officials, the breathing capabilities of the bed pads will contribute to reduce bed sore cases in hospitals. Their testing was completed at an independent laboratory to reduce bias in the results and the team at No Sore Bed Pad encourages potential clients to read the testimonials published on their website (

About Bed Sores
These painful skin ulcers form when there is a lack of circulation in the vulnerable parts of your body, caused by constant pressure. Areas with little fat and muscle over bone are the most common sites for bed sores. Bed sores are a major source of pain for paraplegics and hospitalized patients who are unable to leave their bed. They can be prevented or healed by moving a patient on their side every two hours, but in a busy hospital nurses rarely have the time. Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers are preventable but very difficult to heal once they form (up to 6 months of healing time), making the easiest and most practical solution prevention.

About the Lab Test
The air permeability test concluded that 170 cubic centimeters (on average) of air can flow through every square centimeter of the pad, allowing for the moisture to escape. This is a major factor that prevents bedsores. The test also proved the bed pad can redistribute pressure, keeping the pressure below 28 mmHg on any given point of the body.

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