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No Sweat Plugins Announces Release of New WordPress Plugin Targeting Writer's Block

Company's new No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator helps WordPress bloggers overcome difficulties creating content, stay focused, and produce cleaner, more powerful writing, No Sweat Plugins reports


Bilbao, Spain -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2014 -- No Sweat Plugins, a leading developer of enhancements for the popular WordPress blogging platform, announced the release of its newest product, the No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator. The powerful new plugin features easy, drop-in installation to existing WordPress setups and offers a number of effective features aimed at helping blog writers overcome difficulties in producing new content. The No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator joins a number of similarly innovative products released by No Sweat Plugins covering such important subjects as search engine optimization, content creation, and social media integration.

"There's not a blogger around who hasn't experienced the frustration of wanting to create a new post but being unable to do so," company representative Mikel Perez said, "and our brand-new No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator can make that feeling a thing of the past." Whether as a part-time or full-time source of income or simply for the satisfaction of the pursuit, blogging is an increasingly popular online activity. WordPress is far and away the single most-used blogging software on the Internet, powering nearly a quarter of the most-visited websites in the world. Integrating seamlessly with the base WordPress software, the new No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator plugin provides a number of helpful features for writers who find themselves stuck searching for the right words. In addition to a number of tools which are designed to push writers past the blocks that sometimes plague them, the product also provides suggestions which can improve the power and clarity of writing.

No Sweat Plugins is one of the leading producers of innovative WordPress extensions and enhancements. The company's "No Sweat About Me" plugin, available free of charge to visitors to its website at, makes it easy for blog writers to create dynamic, automatically updated "About Me" pages. This popular product has saved time for countless WordPress-using bloggers while also ensuring that these vitally important blog pages contain only the latest and most relevant information. The "No Sweat WP Internal Links" plugin is similarly effective, helping blog maintainers create and attend to links which reference other pages on a given blog. As these links help search engines like Google's establish a better understanding as to the focuses and import of particular blogs, they can be critical to attaining the prominence that most bloggers desire, and No Sweat's product is therefore an important tool for many successful bloggers.

"Our new No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator is our most impressive and innovative product yet," Perez concluded, "and we can't wait to see the reception it gets. Bloggers can now stay focused and be productive in ways that they previously wouldn't have thought possible." The newly released No Sweat Writer's Block Eliminator plugin is described in full at The plugin is available under extremely affordable terms to both bloggers who require simple site licenses and developers who are interested in distributing it to clients.

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