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No-tan-lines.com Recommends Prince Harry Wear Tan Through Shorts the Next Time He Is Caught Nude


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/24/2012 -- Prince Harry is in the news again, and for all the wrong reasons – there's several cell phone images courtesy of TMZ showing him playing strip billiards – completely in the nude. He must not be a very good pool player, because he lost it all – and a lot of people are giving him a big fail for the horrible tan lines and pasty skin that's been revealed to the world!

At least that part could have been avoided had he worn tan through swimming trunks! Owner Chris Molnar, editor of No-tan-lines.com, suggests that the next time the prince decides to show it all, he at least gets an even tan.

"There's a fabric on the market where the weave allows a portion of the sunlight through, giving you an even tan over your entire body," Chris says. "Harry could pick up a couple pairs of swimming trunks, go to the beach a few times, and viola, he's a little more fashionable for the cameras the next time he decides to party hard in a hotel suite!"

The tan through swimwear comes in a variety of styles for men, from racer swimming briefs to longer board shorts. Golf shirts are also available to tan the upper arms and torso. The construction and patterns of the fabric means nothing is see-through. The open-weave design allows filtered sunlight and UV rays through, tanning the skin underneath.

"By wearing a tan through swimsuit and an SPF 6-10 sunscreen on exposed body parts, you will get an even tan while golfing or at the beach," Chris explains. "So, there's no need for tanning salons or a nude beach to avoid tan lines."

Women also have the choice of tan through 1 piece swimsuits, bikinis, tee-shirts and golf shirts. Each style comes with a variety of contemporary and stylish patterns and solid colors.

Best of all, the fabric is a strong microfiber and lightweight, meaning it dries quickly and wicks away moisture, keeping the wearer cool and comfortable all day. It is also washable and does not degrade in chlorine or salt water, unlike conventional swimsuits.

No-tan-lines.com is making a recommendation to Prince Harry that he wear tan through shorts. At least the royal assets will look great the next time he invites some cellphone-wielding girls to his hotel room!

To learn more about clothing you can tan through, visit http://www.No-tan-lines.com.

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