Joe Bragg Offers Access to the Easiest Payday Loans Available


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- In a global recession that seems to have no end in sight, more and more Americans are finding it difficult to keep up with their bills and mortgages as the cost of living increases and wages are frozen. Hardworking individuals who are being overtaken by market forces can be forced into dangerous situations, with little or no option to get out. Payday loans have become a solution for many, offering a last-minute lifeline, but for those with a poor credit rating, even this service can be denied.

No Credit Check Payday Loans USA is a new website with a focus on connecting consumers to companies that will provide payday loans to American citizens without the need for a credit check. This makes them quicker and easier to get than any other form of payday loan, ideal for emergencies or sudden special occasions that haven’t been budgeted for. No Credit Check Payday Loans believes consumers with poor credit should have access to finance the same as any other borrower.

The website is quick to caution that these loans must be used appropriately and the full amount of the loan must be in the bank account a maximum of 30 days after it is taken to avoid damaging charges, but information of this kind is provided on each company in plain English so that consumers know exactly what they’re getting into.

A spokesperson for explained, “Today, consumers can get a payday loan without having to leave their home as long as they have access to the Internet. The days of having to go to offices and beg for finance are gone. With the help of our site borrowers, even those with poor credit, can get access to finance without a credit check or even speaking to someone. Our site allows consumers to select the size of a loan and after a short non-intrusive form they are connected with an appropriate lender for a quick decision. Our site also provides consumers with editorial content designed to help them through the payday loan process.”

About No Credit Check Payday Loans
No Credit Check Payday Loans connects borrowers with lenders who are likely to offer them finance without the need for a credit check. These loans are of particular interest to those with a poor credit history. For more information, please visit: