NoDevilliveDoN Release New Album SR82 and "How the West Was Won" on Indie Anthems Vol. 3

The tough, gruff sound of Ontario metal band NoDevilliveDoN bellows through their latest album SR82, and their track "How the West Was Won" is featured on WiFi PR Group's compilation Indie Anthems Vol. 3.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Hailed as the godfathers of the local indie scene, NoDevilliveDoN of North Bay, Ontario, take on the music world in their hometown with the longest playing members around. Since the days of cassette tapes, these musicians have come together time and time again to provide a memorable music experience full of intense rock and lyrics. Now they’re armed with their latest record, SR82, and their track “How the West Was Won” will be featured on WiFi PR’s Indie Anthems Vol. 3.

The trio features Uncle Alice on guitars and vocals, Nate Bearclaw on basses and vocals and Stevo Greer, referred to as “the drummer from hell.” The three all come from greatly diversified backgrounds, and they bring those influences together to create their own flavor of hard rock.

On WiFi PR’s Indie Anthems Vol. 3, their song “How the West Was Won” will represent their strong, gruff sound and tenacious talents. This digital mixtape will beavailable via WiFi PR’s 3,000 download cards handed out at CMJ Music Marathon in New York in October. Attendees of CMJ include music industry folk, tastemakers, media and bloggers, and they’ll all get to hear the metal-meets-hard-rock essence of NoDevilliveDon.

Their new record, SR82, tells the tale of a metal band done rogue with smart, driven hard rock and instrumental mastery. Self-published on Silverbeachsound, the record screams individualism, and it’s slated to earn them the recognition they deserve beyond North Bay and Ontario. Their music is generally inspired by a wide range of issues and addresses them with a sense of urgency for change. These include sociopolitical inequality between the rich and poor, hypocrisy of the establishment, corporate mistreatment of humanity, the lack of a future for the new generation and people forcing their morality onto others. On a lighter note, they also write about eating chicken wings. You can hear plenty of their opinions in hard, musical form on SR82.

NoDevilliveDoN has been influenced by bands such as Slayer, Stompin’ Tom, Alex Harvey, Motorhead and System of a Down, the latter two being bands they are often compared to. They are also said to sound like Iron Maiden and Zakk Wylde. This sound bleeds through their latest album and demonstrates their ability to take inspiration from their influences one step further and develop their own unique and distinct sound.

Of their live performances, the group agrees that their best was opening for the Cancer Bats at Highland. They also enjoyed opening for Attack in Black in 2009 and Gypsy Chief Goliath in London in June 2013. Adding to their accomplishments, NoDevilliveDoN recently placed second in a local original talent contest at the Raven and Republic in North Bay.

After considering the releases of their music and all of their successes, NoDevilliveDoN still believe that their great musical accomplishment is just around the corner. It is this belief that keeps them moving toward the future of their band no matter what type of adversity their might face.

Their short term goals include getting SR82 mastered in time to support the release, producing new videos to support some of these songs and securing some touring gigs. They also look forward to a great winter season of performances at Highland. Other upcoming gigs include a Halloween show at Ghettoblaster Sound Factory on Oct. 26th.

You can purchase their music at their live gigs, and soon they will have digital distribution through CD Baby. Check out their YouTube videos for “Guillotine,” “War Crimes” and “Forever Endeavor.”

About NoDevilliveDoN Music:
NoDevilliveDoN (2009)
S8R2 (2013)


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