Noise Control Launches New Noise Control Pro App


Bakersfield, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Noise Control Corporation has recently released a new app for iPhone and Android, Noise Control Pro App. The app can be utilized by building professionals to quickly check the sound levels on any given job site. Available on the App Store and Google Play, this new sound meter app gives one click access to professionals for handling sound mitigation needs. In a noisy world, Noise Control Corporation has the right applications to help quiet down the neighborhood. Noise can badly affect those who try to focus on their work, studies, sleep, etc., thus it is highly unacceptable and annoying for people.

"Environmental noise is one of the most present pollutants in the world today, with potential negative impacts on your health. Noise Meter uses a built in microphone in iPhone and Android devices. It measures and displays the noise in decibels for users to see. It has been designed solely to measure noise levels everywhere. No matter how low or high the sound is, this app conveniently measures the noise levels. Users also have the ability to record and save the noise levels to be played back at a later date.

Being a form of air pollution, environmental noise pollution is a threat to health and well-being. It represents all sounds produced by humans, animals, equipments, machinery, etc., which disturb daily activities. Due to the population growth and urbanization, it is severely spread and the wide spread does not seem to stop. Noise has a lot of bad effects over the health of people who encounter it. It creates discomfort, sleep disturbance, affects hearing disturbs the learning process.

It has been shown that noise can increase performance in routine work but may decrease for activities requiring concentration and memory. Also, ambient noise is not considered a primary cause but maybe a factor in accelerating or enhancing mental health. Studies show that exposure to noise can cause people to become non-communicative and imprisoned, less understanding and unavailable to help their peers or neighbors. If you can relate yourself to any of the above mentioned conditions or to avoid being in such situations, then Noise Control Pro App is worth a try.

About Noise Control
Noise Control was established in 1995 and is the leading corporation in the noise, sound and vibration control markets. Noise Control manufactures and installs “state of art” noise control blankets, panels, enclosures, temporary sound walls, and many other noise mitigation systems. The corporation holds the flag for the provision of sound attenuation on the place where construction is being done. Furthermore, any place where there are machineries and application of noisy equipment, this iPhone and Android Sound Meter App proves to be a great asset. The places where it is mandatory to reduce noise in order to find peace of mind while working or to sleep undisturbed, the Noise Control Pro App can be of a great use.

The “Noise Control Pro App” is an iPhone and Android sound meter app launched by Noise Control Corporation. To try it, interested folks may download it from

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