Nok on Wood Reports Growing Interest in Wooden Toys at Inverness Airport


Scotland, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- As an internet business taking their first steps into retail, the company has been encouraged by the enthusiastic customer response. Now starting its second year at Inverness Airport, this pop up shop it has given the business an opportunity to engage with customers and children in a way that is just not possible through internet shopping. The little shop has been well received by the airport and the travelling public. Travelers have been delighted to have the opportunity to purchase unique wooden toys and gifts on route to visit friends and family.

Nok on Wood are delighted to bring a wide selection of wooden toys to Inverness Airport. Many of the products have been specially selected for parents, with a range of toys labelled “ideal travel companion.“ These small and compact toys keep young hands busy to make the flying easier when travelling with children.

The company offers a wide assortment of products and includes something for everyone. Their aim is to honour the child in us all, as you are never too old to play. To take a look at their offered items, interested folks may visit

What is most interesting about the wooden toys is that they bring back the memories childhood, Mr. Harvey recalls many stories from customers.  Some say,  “We had one of those,” or  “My dad/ uncle made us one of those.”  For older people the toys bring a smile to the face and take them on a journey into the past.

Since opening the airport shop the message is loud and clear Traditional Wooden Toys are long lasting and timeless.  They provide a charming connection from generation to generation as the toys continue to move forward from parents to their children, and then to their grandchildren.

Although stepping in to retail has been a great journey for the business. The Inverness Airport shop does not alter the focus from online shopping, and that will always be an essential part of the Nok On Wood brand.

Since the start of 2013 the business has seen a web site design make over and launched a Birthday Club.  This is an email service where customers can sign up for birthday reminders and received advice on age appropriate toys. Great for Aunties and Uncles without children. The company is also testing a the fundraising programme for play groups and youth organisations, to be launched in the spring.

About Nok On Wood
Nok On Wood is a family business that developed out of the recognition that wooden toys are not readily available, due to the changing high street. Their website offers over 500 toys and is the only shop dedicated to wooden toys & games in Inverness and the highlands. They believe that wooden toys support children in their need for unstructured creative play and provide gentle learning opportunities. It is part of the growing realisation that childhood is a golden time in our lives, it needs to be protected, unhurried and enjoyed.

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