'Non Profit Marketing Group' Helps Non-Profits Get Marketing Grant


Grand Rapids, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/08/2013 -- ‘Non Profit Marketing Group’, a new division of Spyder Consultants, today announced the details related to the Online Marketing Grant the company is helping Nonprofits obtain. According to the sources, the non profits that are eligible for the same can get an amount up to $120, 000. Speaking on the occasion, a representative of the company said, “We are pleased to introduce our new offering under which the non profits, if eligible, can get an amount up to $120, 000 to help attract new supporters.”

According to the sources, in order to be eligible for the program an organization must hold current 501(c)(3) status, as determined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service and acknowledge and agree to the application's required certifications regarding non discrimination and donation receipt and use. When contacted, Jonathon Vanden Berg from ‘Non Profit Marketing Group’ said, “Once we came across this grant, we knew we would be able to help a lot of nonprofits be able to get the type of help and funds that they rely on.”

Sources also confirmed that the company is also planning to add two additional services for fundraising in the times to come. One is for consumers, to help lower their bills without switching providers and other allowing business owners to to get educated on several ways they can grow their business. Jonathon added, “We plan on offering two additional services that will act as a fundraiser for nonprofits. So, not only will we help them get grant money, so they can attract new supporters. We will also be able to help them get funding from those same new supporters.”

The organizations that are not eligible for the nonprofit marketing grant include Governmental entities and organizations, hospitals, and health care organizations, schools, childcare centers, academic institutions and universities among others. However, the philanthropic arms of educational organizations are eligible.

About Non Profit Marketing Group
Non Profit Marketing Group is new division of the Spyder group that started operations in the year 2013. The company aims to support the nonprofit organizations by offering marketing grants.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Jonathon Vanden Berg
Contact Number: (616) 777-7622
Email id: Info@NonprofitMarketingGroup.com
Website: http://NonprofitMarketingGroup.com
Address: 5263 Kimball Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508