Non Stop Flights Reports Travelers Waste Countless Hours in Airport Checkpoints publishes information on how consumers can save on travel while avoiding multiple stops in airport security checkpoints


Roseville, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/07/2014 -- According to Statistic Brain, the total number of U.S. domestic airline passengers comes in at a whopping 642,000,000. The average wait time for individuals at security checkpoints in airports ranges from 13 to 16 minutes, based on the size of the airport. When one finds they must travel, therefore, they may wish to avoid passing through a security checkpoint more than once and look to find non stop flights to avoid this problem.

"Security checkpoints prove to be only one reason for extended wait times in airports, as reported by USA Today. Certain airlines, including Delta and American, spread their flights out evenly at key hubs, as a way to save on costs. The airlines found that clustering of flights to reduce wait times increased their costs, thanks to ground crew and plan inefficiencies. Now, to save money, the airlines extend the layover times. Although not all do this, consumers must be aware of these changes when booking a flight," Patrick Schuna, spokesperson for, explains.

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"Time remains short for many individuals, and Non Stop Flights understands this. The company wishes to offer a wide range of flight and lodging choices, allowing consumers to select the one which best meets their needs. When consumers calculate how much time is spent searching individual hotels and flights, they find just how beneficial a hotel and travel comparison site actually is when it comes to finding cheap travel package deals," Schuna declares.

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"Non Stop Flights provides numerous popular car packages. With the help of the research tools offered at the site, consumers find they save a great deal on all aspects of travel with very little hassle. Book your next trip today using this valuable site. When you do so, you may find that you can book an additional trip and still stay within your budget," Schuna proclaims.

Non Stop Flights understands consumers wish to save money on their travel. The company offers a wide range of options, from hotels or flights only to travel packages, and provides consumers with a wide range of choices, allowing each client to find the hotel and/or flight which meets their needs. In addition, the company provides assistance with renting a vehicle, so consumers can move around at their convenience. The company strives to assist clients in finding the travel accommodations which best meet their needs.