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Fijian Noni and the Anti-Cancer Connection

Fijian noni juice and cancer what you should know.


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/02/2012 -- The Fijian people have considered Noni a cure all dating back thousands of years. Tribal medicine men would prescribe it for longer life, intestinal and digestive issues, and more serious health risks. This tradition, dating back nearly two thousand years, is beginning to be reborn in the modern superfood revolution. With anti-oxidant packed superfoods widely thought to be fantastic fore-runners in the fight against cancer, it’s no surprise people are looking for more and more of them every day. Noni is particularly interesting, as studies dating as far back as the mid-nineties have shown a tie between noni and cancer prevention. Anti-Oxidant rich noni juice is a great example of traditional medicine of yesterday leading the health inspired food science of today.

The Fijian Noni, called “Kura” by the original Fijian natives is packed full of free radical fighting anti-oxidants, as well as phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals and base elements. While studies have not been conducted since 1994’s research by Dr’s Hirazumi, Fursawa, Chou and Hokama published their paper on the anticancer properties of noni, science is pointing more and more towards anti-oxidants as a very strong contender for best addition to a healthy diet to potentially avoid major health issues.

It is known that anti-oxidants prevent cell damage caused by free radicals, and this same cell damage is widely believed to be a cause of cancer. In addition to the other health benefits, more research is being conducted to link Noni and cancer prevention in more ways than just the anti-oxidant load. Even while the science is still incomplete, simply adding more fruit juice to a healthy diet is a good way to guarantee healthy living for years to come.

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