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Noni Juice from Fiji Offers Exceptional Energy Boost


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- Organic Noni juice from Fiji is an all-around good source of important nutrients vitamins, anti-oxidants and all around energy. Fijian noni juice is constantly being researched and new and important uses for this amazing juice to benefit drinkers. In some tests noni juice helped as many as 91% of its drinkers get over low energy problems, 72% got over sleeping problems that lead to low energy.

Organic Noni juice is harvested directly from citrifolia trees that are cared for and composted using only entirely organic methods, no unnatural pesticides, herbicides or toxins are ever used on organic noni. This leads to a clear clan flavor of noni juice and maximum amounts of the nutrients this wonder fruit is full of, including amino acids. Noni has been used as an energizing medicine as far back as 2000 years!

Originally from Fiji, Fijian noni juice is generally considered to be the best noni juice for energy purposes. The particular Fijian strains of Noni grow in the nutrient rich soil of their home land. This makes them widely considered to be extra potent in the powerful healing properties originally prescribed them in Fiji. When harvested all naturally and served unadulterated, Noni juice offers a powerful dose of these healing properties and potent anti-oxidants.

Noni experts urge people who are curious about the energy boosting benefits of the amazing Fijian fruit to try all organic Fijian noni for maximum effect. Many proponents of the fruit consider it similar to other B vitamin rich tropical fruits, in addition to the amazing health benefits purported to the noni fruit.

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