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Noni Juice from Fiji and It's Amazing Healing Powers

Exploring the Healing Powers of Noni Juice.


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- The Polynesian people have considered noni juice a mystical cure all for thousands of years. Everything from common illnesses to living a longer life is all attributed to the healing properties of the noni fruit for the last two thousand years. More recently a link has discovered between noni juice and cancer recovery. Laboratory results have pointed noni extracts showing a vast reduction in cancer cells in laboratory mice. This ancient traditional remedy continues to offer more and more beneficial properties to those who consume it in this modern time.

For thousands of years amongst Fijians noni has been thought to to offer natural energy, stimulate digestion, and promote vigor. There are countless ways in which the noni fruit improves the quality of life of its proponents and regular eaters. Longer lifespan can be attributed to healthy diet and the huge dose of antioxidants in every bite of noni or drink of noni juice, but also to the preventative qualities of noni itself. As the laboratory research involving noni juice and cancer continues to be critiqued and better understood there is no telling how far the curative properties of this unique super food will take medical science.

With anti-oxidants looking to be the new anti-aging miracle cure, super foods with long term traditional health benefits will continue to emerge. The Fijian noni fruit has over two thousand years’ worth of adherence by a traditional culture. That kind of adherence has to be based in science fact. As more lab work is done, more results between noni and all sorts of medical maladies are sure to be found.

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