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Nonprofit Organizations Retain 100% of Online Donations with New Pat. Pend. Invention


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- zDonate is Pat. Pend. technology that provides a donor the option of paying a small set amount processing fee to allow the nonprofit to retain 100% of their donation. If the donor opts in, zDonate deposits 100% of a donation in the nonprofit bank account without expensive payment processing deductions. If the donor opts out, the nonprofit pays for the cost of processing the donation.

Nonprofits that register to utilize zDonate before October 19th will receive 50% off monthly access rates. To register, please go to

Nonprofit management software companies are encouraged to integrate with zDonate and offer zDonate to nonprofit organizations as an Optional Add On to the software.

zDonate can potentially be utilized with existing merchant accounts. PSP’s and ISO’s are encouraged to provide zDonate to existing nonprofit merchant accounts as an Optional Add On.

zDonate is owned and operated by Global ePartners LLC d.b.a. zGateway. zGateway ( is a highly innovative leading developer and provider of trusted high-quality online payment technologies for businesses and organizations that can greatly benefit from alternative payment options.

zDonate is integrated with Revo Payments Platform ( The Revo Payments Platform is certified with multiple payment processor platforms. Revo Payments is a financial technology company focused on electronic payments. Revo Payments solutions are delivered via web-based software that is built to support industry-specific needs and are deployed by Financial Institutions and Community Banks as a service for commercial clients.

For more information on zDonate please visit or email us at