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Noochie Golf LLC Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Their Miniature Golf Course Game

Noochie Golf Has Come Out With a High Quality Miniature Golf Course


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/10/2014 -- Dom and Tre, two brothers aged 8 and 9, say it was a trip to a miniature golf course that inspired them to invent Noochie Golf. With help from their parents, they filed patents and incorporated, bringing Noochie Golf LLC to life. This team is a group of dedicated and enthusiastic workers whose goal is to offer a child-centered and highly imaginative golf product of excellent quality that is rare in the marketplace. The product consists of four pieces that can be arranged into 15 different combinations. It is made of durable plastic pieces covered in synthetic putting grass that will withstand the demands of constant use. Noochie Golf delivers the enjoyable experience of playing miniature golf without the stress and expenses of leaving home.

Noochie Golf LLC has launched a Kickstarter campaign to popularize the game and and raise funds to fund the project. The required $100,000 will be used to make the first five thousand sets. Their deadline is March 22, 2014.The company assures various rewards for enthusiasts who pledge support to Noochie Golf through this Kickstarter campaign.

To those who pledge $30 or more the company offers an “I supported Noochie Golf” t-shirt with their logo on it and "thank yous" on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The boys are offering a ten dollar “early bird” pre-order special for those pledging $65 dollars or more. That is the actual product consisting of four pieces, a putter, two foam golf balls, two pencils and a score pad. Noochie Golf will be shipped for free. "Thank you’s" are also included.

Enthusiasts who pledge $100 will receive Noochie Golf, the t-shirt and a signed foam golf ball with their logo on it. Twitter and Facebook "thank you’s", of course.

For pledges of $250 dollars, a plaque and a personalized thank you letter from Tre and Dom is added to the previous level.

Rewards for $500 dollars and up is an invite to The Noochie Golf Launch Party in Phoenix, a Skype call from Noochie Golf's creative team, their name added to The Wall of Fame on in addition to the rewards of the $250 level.

If enthusiasts pledge $1000 or more, they will receive the previous rewards plus a Noochie Golf Bonus Pack and membership into Club Noochie, first chance at new items as Dom and Tre design them.

Those gracious enough to contribute $5000 or more will get a visit from the Noochie Golf creative team where pledgers can discuss their ideas for future pieces, United States and Canada only.

The final level is for a ten thousand dollar pledge. Tre and Dom will bring ten Noochie Golf sets to their house for a party in their house! To see read about Noochie Golf in more depth check out the campaign on Kickstarter or watch the campaign video on Youtube!

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