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Nootropic Supplement Review Publishes New Review of Noopept Brain Enhancing Drug

Nootropic Supplement Review continues their mission to provide informed, impartial advice and recommendations on new products in the industry with a new review of Noopept.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Nootropics are a relatively new class of drugs found to be effective in enhancing particular functions in the brain by increasing the availability of key chemicals used in everyday brain function. Since their discovery the variety and versatility of these drugs has expanded rapidly, as has the market for them. With such demand, there are now businesses setting out to take advantage of people’s desire for these products with ineffective supplements. Nootropic Supplement Review has been created to help people tell the difference between the good, the bad and the great. Their latest review is of a popular and exciting supplement, Noopept.

The Noopept Nootropic review describes the product as a strong cholinergic Nootropic for acetylcholine receptors, but also breaks the effects of the product down into laymen’s terms so that users can understand what effects they can expect from the drug as well as its side effects.

While the side effects are numerous, they are also rare, and the power of the drug means it is one of the most effective to date in its field, with the review concluding it is a highly recommended product rated five stars, specifically as its price has dropped and it has become far more readily available.

A spokesperson for explained, “Noopept is stable and safe, powerful and affordable, and as long as it is used responsibly, can have transformative effects on brain performance. It is primarily useful for treating cholinergic deficit, a common hypothesis behind Alzheimer’s, Dementia and several other cognitive impairments. Because it is a compound that can be absorbed through the gut, it is also especially useful to those who don’t like needles. This is just one of many products we recommend, and users can find more information on Noopept and others like it on our website, which is updated regularly with the latest nootropic news and reviews.”

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