Joe Bragg Gives Consumers the Inside Track on Nopalea Juice


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2012 -- Nopal juice is the hot new health product of 2012. The juice is created from the Nopal cactus plant. Found in the Sonora Desert, Nopal cacti have been used by Native American’s for thousands of years. Today, it is helping a new generation of health enthusiasts treat everything from high blood pressure to joint pain. is one company that seeks to inform a new generation about the benefits of Nopal juice. The website features in-depth editorial content about the benefits of Nopal juice, including how Nopal juice is extracted and the exact natural ingredients contained in Nopal juice.

The website also discusses the benefits of Nopalea juice, a special product made from Nopal juice itself. Nopalea is produced and sold by a global health and wellness company called TriVita. The juice has been specially formulated to contain only pure, high-quality ingredients, and claims that it promotes a number of health benefits.

A spokesperson for described why Nopalea is such a popular beverage:

“Nopalea is packed with antioxidants and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Because it is sweetened with agave, it contains fewer calories and carbs than most sugary beverages, making it one of the world’s best health drinks.”

The primary ingredient in Nopalea is Nopal juice itself. The juice is rich in a special type of antioxidant called bioflavonoids, which have been scientifically proven to target free radicals in the body. Free radicals are unstable cells that cause aging, tissue damage, and even serious diseases.

The bioflavonoids in Nopal juice have been linked with a number of other health benefits. They can reduce swelling in joints and muscles, for example, as well as detoxify your body of poisons and toxins. These bioflavonoids have also been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels and improve breathing. For all of those reasons, Nopalea is popular among both diabetics and anybody seeking a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to featuring a comprehensive Nopalea reviews, explains the benefits of the Nopal cactus. While the Nopal cactus has been used by native peoples for thousands of years, many people today are unaware of its benefits.

In short, seeks to provide an educational resource that people can use to learn more about both the Nopal cactus and Nopalea juice. For those interested in pursuing a healthier lifestyle, the website wants to give visitors everything they need to make an informed decision on their choice of beverages.

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