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NoPasara Unveils New Security Assessment Service


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2013 -- Information Security assessment, training and implementation specialists NoPasara are proud to announce the addition of their new NSA-ISAM-based information security assessment service. NoPasara has a strong background in protecting information assets worldwide with a wide range of services and product offerings.

In today’s highly networked systems environment, individuals to multinational corporations are under constant threat of information incursion and theft due to countless hardware, software and personnel security vulnerabilities. As part of their ongoing quest for better and more comprehensive IT vulnerability elimination services, NoPasara has just introduced their new information security (INFOSEC) assessment service. Performed within a standards-based framework, the new assessment service strictly follows National Security Agency (NSA) standards and Information Security Assessment Methodology (ISAM).

“This is truly a game-changing new service in the information security arena that goes much deeper and is far more detailed than competitor offerings,” said a NoPasara security specialist. By adhering to NSA-ISAM standards and methodology we can ensure real information security rather than just audit compliance for our small and large clients around the world.”

The NoPasara comprehensive INFOSEC Assessment Service combines the guidelines of FEDRAMP and FISMA, with best practices from the NSA and DISA. These services provide corporations and organizations with policy, practices and procedure auditing of information technology as well as personnel. This standardized INFOSEC assessment determines critical organizational information through identification of the systems that process, store, or transmit that critical information. Once identified, the service specialists determine the current INFOSEC posture of these systems and then determine the proper posture for these systems with recommendations for solutions to mitigate vulnerabilities.

NoPasara offers among the latest and most comprehensive security awareness and training services to everyone from individuals to multinational corporations and organizations. They specialize in everything from training for guarding against attack/espionage to crime prevention policy implementation, penetration testing and other comprehensive INFOSEC Assessment Services. Their certified penetration testers/security experts test everything from IT hardware/software, phone lines and VOIP systems through to physical security and web applications. Once assessed, they provide the client with an extensive report of their findings and detailed recommendations for fixing any flaws found.

Their training services include computer, Windows, forensics security awareness, chain of custody, and incident response training. Other services include INFOSEC and vulnerability assessment, IS policy and procedure creation, cyber espionage prevention and much more. NoPasara has extensive experience in dealing with standards (hardening guides) for Windows, UNIX and Linux as well as assessment and implementation of workstation and server operating system baseline standards for all types of organizations. Their solutions and products include DLP (Data Leakage Prevention), Identity Management (IM), Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) Protection, Monitoring (Splunk), and the RAM Extractor. For more information on NoPasara’s broad and comprehensive services, please visit http://nopasara.com/services/information-security-assessment/

About NoPasara
NoPasara has a strong background in protecting information assets worldwide with a wide range of service and product offerings. It is one of the few companies providing cyber espionage protection. The company recently introduced new information security assessment services that strictly follow National Security Agency (NSA) standards and Information Security Assessment Methodology (ISAM).