NoPasara Inc Offers Fix for Hacked Wordpress Sites, Can Clean Website Within 24 Hours


Sofia, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2012 -- In an effort to help the owners of hacked Wordpress sites, has come up with a solution that can fix the site within 24 hours, even earlier if required. The company, known for its security solutions and training, has come up with a procedure that not only cleans the Wordpress site but also prevents it from any future attacks.

Alexander Sverdlov, the media spokesperson of was asked how severe the hacking of Wordpress sites has been over last few months, he replied, “Malicious iFrames or Javascripts have been the root of the cause of these hacks. Older versions of the Wordpress are more vulnerable to the attack, but the new version is not free from it as well. According to statistics, nearly 68% of pages infected with malicious iFrames are running Wordpress, as well as 87% of all infected web sites worldwide. If someone is running a Wordpress site, then they should definitely get their site checked. There is a remedy for hacked Wordpress sites by Nopasara. We have successfully managed to clean all the wordpress sites and have enabled it for protection in the future.”

Apart from providing security solutions, also provides training to both beginners and experienced programmers. According to the website, they have a unique information security training called NoPasara Infosec Bootcamp. The program is an advanced training course, which comprises of labs and exercises based on real life security breaches. The site states that their training is concentrated on providing applicable knowledge rather than providing endless details.

NoPasara, managed security services, has provided solutions to many prestigious websites. The financial institution ING Group, Skrill previously known as moneybookers, NK News all have received security solutions from NoPasara. A number of wordpress site owners have also used NoPasara’s services to clean and secure their website.

Alexander was further asked to elaborate on the Cyber Espionage Prevention that NoPasara conduct and he said, “At NoPasara we have created a bundle of measures to help organizations of any type battle cyber espionage. We can prevent any information theft if our measures and suggestions are implemented strictly. Through our help companies will never have to worry about the security of their information.”

About NoPasara Inc
NoPasara Inc has an extensive portfolio of information security services ranging from computer incident response to information security policy creation and security awareness trainings. The company is based out of Sofia, Bulgaria and offers its service through their online platform, NoPasara is known in online space for providing prompt solutions to bewildering security breaches.

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