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NORCC Encyclopedia, a Free Online Encyclopedia That Is Written and Edited by Experts, Launches


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2013 -- In an effort to provide information based on credible sources, NORCC Encyclopedia has launched its operations. The free creative commons online encyclopedia can be used by its readers for re-distribution and derivative works however not for commercial use. The encyclopedia aims at covering all sorts of topics and has plans to become an alternate major source of information.

The media spokesperson of NORCC Encyclopedia quoted on this project’s establishment and plans, “Most of the information on the internet is not accurate and is written based on content rather than quality. The internet boom did bring about some major players who now have extensive content and are difficult to compete with. Even though these major players are resourceful their information can be edited by anyone and hence the credibility of the source is questionable. We realized that it is necessary to create an alternate source of information that not only has accurate information but is also managed by experts. At NORCC Encyclopedia we have created a strategic plan to organize the content of various topics. Our online encyclopedia will have information that is written by experts, is based on credible sources, and has administrators that will constantly review new published or edited material. NORCC Encyclopedia is creative commons licensed, and all of its contents can be reused by the readers.”

The NORCC Encyclopedia is based on the MediaWiki content management system which is originally written in PHP. The encyclopedia’s appearance is aimed at being easily visible and editable, much like other online resource providers. A few articles have already been posted to display how the topics of NORCC Encyclopedia will finally appear.

The media representative of NORCC Encyclopedia further quoted on the future plans of this project, “We are still in the initial phase and want to start adding topics to our encyclopedia. However we do not want to start bombarding the NORCC Encyclopedia with just content this will defeat the purpose. We plan to add these articles and topics one by one making sure the quality is optimum and the sources are thoroughly checked. Once the process is repeated many a times, our efficiency will increase. When we will have enough quality content we will become a prominent source of information.”

About NORCC Encyclopedia
The New Open Resources Creative Commons Encyclopedia is a free online encyclopedia project. Through the online platform,, information regarding the operation of the encyclopedia and sample articles can be viewed. The NORCC Encyclopedia’s aim is to provide content that is written and edited by experts based on credible sources. The NORCC Encyclopedia will constantly review the published content and will ensure its accuracy.

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