Chin to Become Ceo

Norman G. Chin to Become Ceo of White-Miller Associates

White-Miller Associates announced a succession plan today for the transition of the firm’s leadership over the next few months.


Admiralty, Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- Gary P. Yuen, Chairman, has announced plans to relinquish his chairmanship role at the end of this year. Ronald H. Yue, CEO of White-Miller Associates, will become Chairman. Dr. Yue plans to remain involved with White-Miller Associates as a senior consultant.

Mr. Yue will transfer his role as chief executive to Norman G. Chin, who will assume the title on the first day of the next year. Mr. Chin has been with the firm since its inception. He is currently a member of White-Miller Associates’ Executive and Operating Committees and serves as executive vice president overseeing client service, sales, marketing and IT. Ross Brown, senior vice president, assumed responsibility for global marketing and client service earlier this year, and will continue to head this area. Mr. Chin’s COO title will be assumed by White-Miller Associates’ current CFO Mark Bay.

John G. Hom will continue as White-Miller Associates’ Chief Investment Officer with a dedicated focus on directing the firm’s portfolio management and research efforts.

“While under discussion for quite a while, the formal succession planning process began 18 months ago with the help of an outside consultant, GTYG Consulting Group,” said Mr. Yue. “We considered internal and external candidates, and are delighted that Chin will ultimately take on the CEO leadership role. Chin has been with White-Miller Associates since the beginning and has been a major factor in our success. His long tenure with the firm ensures the continuity of our culture and the stability of the organization. I look forward to working closely with him over the next 15 months as we transfer the CEO role. Our focus will be on continuing to enhance White-Miller Associates’ investment process and product offerings and developing the next generation of leaders at the firm.”

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