North Carolina Man Launches Exciting Indoor Gardening Indiegogo

New Invention Will Revolutionize the Indoor Gardening Industry


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- It's a $200 million dollar a year industry in the United States. Hydroponics. The cultivation and nurturing of plants indoors. Indoor gardening without the soil. However, with no soil and the roots exposed, plants may grow, but not as quickly as outdoors or with the flavors associated with outdoor gardening. For that, the discerning gardener requires a way to bring the nutrients a plant would normally get from the soil via the root system into the plant's system. In the last few years, ways have been developed, but it wasn't until now that Hydroponic farmer and inventor Sam Nelson has invented a way to combine an Aeroponics system with Hydroponics to create the ultimate nutrient delivery system and he has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise capital to manufacture and deliver the system to market.

About Gozie-Fogger
Sam Nelson's invention, the Gozie-Fogger was created to convert nutrient solutions into a gaseous state which then pushes them into the plant root systems feeding the plants. The plant food is easily and quickly absorbed and plants can utilize the nutrients better than they are able with a conventional reservoir liquid nutrient feeding system. The Gozie-Fogger does this by breaking down nutrients into a gaseous state and transporting them to the plants root system. Gozie-Fogger also feeds the plants foliage speeding up growth nearly fifty percent.

Indoor farmers using Gozie-Fogger combined with a product like Aero-Gozie or other aeroponic system have the ability to make a unique machine unparalleled to any other system. Gozie-Fogger and Aero-Gozie are a hybrid of all the aero systems currently available. And unlike other systems, Nelson is pricing Gozie-Fogger so it is affordable. The user friendly system can deliver a measured up to 500ml/hr of fog.

Investors in this campaign are building the fund required to create the final molds, start production and market the new products. Their capital will be invested throughout the manufacturing process of the machines. For those supporting the Go Green Indoor Gardening movement who can't support financially at this time, Mr. Nelson is hoping they will share the campaign on social media to spread the word about the invention more quickly.

For more information, visit GOZIE - Fogger for Aeroponic and Hydroponic Systems

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