North Royalton Chiropractor Launches New Method to Treat Car Wreck Symptoms

A car accident can jeopardise your life and everything that you hold dear. Besides, performing everyday activities can get more difficult and frustrating because of the stinging pain. The North Royalton Chiropractor helps patients to find solutions that are extremely effective and long lasting.


North Royalton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Your life may have been saved in a fatal car accident. However, there will be certain consequences to it. You may experience severe pain in the back or may find it excruciatingly difficult to concentrate while reading or performing other trivial activities during the day. You may also experience dizziness at times followed by a sharp pain in the arms or sore muscles. This is also known as whiplash. It is basically a type of injury which is caused because of a sudden jerk caused to the spine from various directions.

If a patient feels sore after a recent car accident, suggests North Royalton Chiropractor, it is best to consult a doctor. If left unattended, it can increase in magnitude and cause severe pain and discomfort to the joints and the neck for years to come.

The Chiropractors in North Royalton are known to be experts when it comes to healing the patients suffering from whiplash injuries. It is a proven method and studies show that over 90% of the patients who were being treated by these chiropractors healed completely from the whiplash injury.

The North Royalton Chiropractor is presenting patients with an alluring offer which lasts just 10 days. A professional level evaluation will be done to find out the magnitude of the whiplash injury and to find effective ways to treat it at no extra cost. This offer consists of a detailed evaluation that is done for all the ‘Car wreck Evaluations’ for other patient. The evaluation consists of the following processes:

1.) A consultation session including every minute detail of your injury.
2.) A neuromuscular examination in detail.
3.) Specialised x-rays to find out more about the nerves in the neck which will help in further evaluation.
4.) Half –hour massage session by professional massage therapists.

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