North Royalton Chiropractor Reveals Ways to Treat Neuropathy Symptoms


North Royalton, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2013 -- Usually, finding a reliable treatment for peripheral neuropathy can get increasingly annoying. Since a long time, the doctors and neurologists have focussed only on one aspect of peripheral neuropathy – symptom control. They use heavy dosage of drugs and aim to control the blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes. Physical therapy by itself is inadequate and does nothing to better the situation.

However, chiropractor North Royalton has come up with an innovative method to cure this stubborn condition called peripheral neuropathy. These chiropractors have come up with novel methods that combine healthy habits to get rid of peripheral neuropathy. They combine nutrition along with education on diets. They top this off with exercise and rehab therapies that work wonders for the body. But the treatment that takes the cake is the 7.8 Hz electrotheraphy which is clinically tested. All this is included in the 5 week clinical trial package. On successfully completing the trial, the patients can be advised home care.

Some people like more proof about certain services and try to find out what makes a particular service better than the others. The chiropractor North Royalton does just that and explains why exactly the North Royalton is the perfect place to get peripheral neuropathy treated. There are several factors that are responsible for the occurrence of peripheral neuropathy. Sometimes it is the diabetes while other times it is the chemotherapy that leaves a lasting impact. The harm caused by such diseases tends to create a negative influence on the nerves.

The chiropractor North Royalton effectively tries to find out if the patient is a victim of neuropathy. They usually charge their patients a fee of $250. However, if a patient calls up and mentions the fact they have been a visitor of their website, they will get a discount.

Given below is a list of services that are offered:
1. Detailed consultation.
2. Neuromuscular examination.
3. Spinal x-rays and analysis of these x-rays.

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