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Northbound Drug and Alcohol Treatment Alumni Attend Anaheim Angels Game

Former Northbound Treatment patients came together with late phase rehabilitators to enjoy a thrilling game at the Angels Stadium, as part of their unique recovery program.


Newport Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2015 -- Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction can be one of the hardest journey's people ever take, and it is foolish of them to think they can undertake it alone. Professional help and an overflow of empathy can make all the difference. Northbound addiction treatment services have a unique way of working which includes peer support and mentoring from people who have been through their system and successfully conquered addiction in the past. Their latest event saw alumni meet with late phase recovery patients at an Anaheim Angels game.

On Monday night, the Northbound Alumni attended an Angels game at Angels Stadium. Led by Alumni Relations Manager, Jaana Woodbury, the alumni and some of Northbound's later phase clients banded together to cheer on Anaheim's best. With an alumni department that is expanding quickly under Jaana's leadership, former clients are invited to attend alumni meetings every Tuesday at 7:30am and Thursday at 5:30pm at Northbound's Behr Center in Costa Mesa.

The alumni association strengthens both the alumni and the late phase patients, as alumni are invited to attend evening meetings twice a week to talk through their recovery and discuss the challenges they face, while offering invaluable advice to people preparing to live their own recovery when they leave the treatment center.

A spokesperson for Northbound Treatment explained, "There are many changes happening at Northbound, and all with our patients' and former patients' best interests at heart. While the alumni and late phase patients enjoyed the game on Monday, Northbound rolled out a new clinical schedule to further strengthen their comprehensive program. In lieu of standardized scheduling across the board for every Northbound client, the new schedule structure allows for clients to connect more intimately with the topics and issues they identify with most."

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