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NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine Announces Knee Arthroscopies Are Available


Jackson, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/27/2017 -- Those looking for an Ocean County, NJ-based doctor that can help them find relief for knee pain should look no further than NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine. In fact, this medical practice with six offices throughout Central and South Jersey, is pleased to announce that they are now offering knee arthroscopies in-house.

A knee arthroscopy is a surgical procedure that enables surgeons to view the patient's knee joint without making an incision. Most of the time, the procedure is used to diagnose and/or treat a variety of knee issues. Any patient who chooses to undergo this procedure to determine the cause of his or her knee pain, receive treatment, or both, should expect a tiny camera (the arthroscope) to be inserted into the knee joint. The camera displays pictures on a monitor which then allows the surgeon to diagnose or treat the pain.

The biggest reason why NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine can now offer knee arthroscopies is because they recently hired Dr. Faisal Mahmood M.D., a board-certified and established orthopedic surgeon, to perform any necessary orthopedic surgeries in-house. Before Dr. Mahmood was hired, NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine had to refer out many procedures, but thanks to his recent hiring, that's no longer necessary. He can perform minimally invasive, same-day and motion-sparing spine surgery, minimally invasive joint replacements, both hip and knee arthroscopies, and much more.

An person in Ocean County, NJ that is seeking treatment for an ACL injury, or wants to determine what's causing his or her knee pain, are encouraged to reach out to NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine immediately. Aside from knee arthroscopies, patients with knee pain can also turn to the medical practice for sports medicine, joint injections, and a variety of other noninvasive treatment options and procedures.

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NorthEast Spine & Sports Medicine is a medical practice with six locations throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County, and Middlesex County, New Jersey. At each location, they offer physical therapy, sports medicine, pain management, chiropractic, and surgical orthopedic care to help ensure their patients live pain-free lives. All of the therapists and doctors they have on staff not only provide cutting-edge pain treatment options, but they also educate every patient so that he or she can prevent any future pain or injuries.

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