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Northern London Based Eddie Plumbing & Heating, Provides Boiler Installation Special Offer


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2014 -- Eddie Plumbing & Heating, an independent company that provides various plumbing and heating services in London, has recently announced that they are currently offering 3 different special offers this winter season for all their pre-existing and new customers.

These special offers for winter is an appreciation from Eddie and his team to all the customers they have ever had in their long tenure in the plumbing & heating industry and is also an effort from their behalf into making this winter warm & friendly for the residents of northern London.

Boiler installations and repairs are often very expensive and require a highly skilled individual(s) to perform proper diagnostics. The team at Eddie Plumbing & Heating has over the years installed and repaired numerous types of boilers and has performed various plumbing requirements making them highly skilled and professional in their work. The testimonial on the company’s website themselves represent how Eddie and his team prioritize customer satisfaction and do so by performing the right installations and repairs at affordable costs.

The 3 special offers include two boiler installation special offer i.e. supply & install of a new Main Elite Band A Rated Boiler, and supply & install of a new Vaillant Ecotec plus Combi Boiler. Both offers come with a 7 year warranty. The third offer is a power flush of the whole system, which can save money on energy bills by clearing out the water lines.

One of the advantages of purchasing new equipment directly from an experience plumbing & heating repairs company is that they are well aware of the products that will be durable in the long run and have the best efficiency. Hence, all products offered via Eddie are of highest grade quality and are specially chosen by him & his team to ensure customer satisfaction.

Specific details of these products and special offers or the various plumbing & heating services offered by Eddie Plumbing & Heating can be viewed on their official website, EddieHeating.co.uk, where basic information regarding common plumbing & heating services is also available.

About Eddie Plumbing & Heating
Eddie Plumbing & Heating is a highly experienced independent company that provides plumbing and heating services in London, especially the northern residential regions of the city. The company led by Eddie offers numerous services including boiler installations, central heating fixtures, under-floor heating repairs, power flushing and any type of plumbing requirements. Eddie Plumbing & Heating also provides the Landlord Safety Certificates which are required before renting out a property.

For more information about Plumbing and Heating Services in London, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of eddieheating.co.uk, please call at 07770 800625 or email to ebs.londonltd@yahoo.co.uk.