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Northern Providence Investments Capitalizes on Crowdfunding to Generate SRI Awareness and Raise Additional Funds

Northern Providence Investments announces the launch of its "Help Change the World for the Better" campaign.


Montreal, Quebec -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/25/2012 -- Northern Providence Investments announced today that it has selected a group of leading crowdfunding platforms, pursuant to its "Help Change the World for the Better" campaign, to generate increased SRI ("Socially Responsible Investing") awareness and raise additional funds to launch its family of 14 SRI funds. As part of its continuing efforts to promote global sustainability, Northern Providence Investments recognizes that capitalizing on the popularity and success of crowdfunding–fundraising through social media and other related marketing hubs, is an innovative and effective way to connect with supporters and potential customers, and propel early stage business objectives.

"Northern Providence Investments is committed to partnering with and investing in organizations that not only demonstrate outstanding social responsibility and environmental management initiatives, but also contribute to the sustainability of the world. As such, we have identified a select group of leading crowdfunding platforms to help us generate increased SRI awareness, connect with supporters and potential customers, and launch the company’s family of 14 SRI mutual funds," said Peterson Frederick, Chairman and interim Chief Executive Officer of Northern Providence Investments. "Crowdfunding platforms such as , , , , , , and have devoted global sustainability advocates; and, after careful consideration, we have selected these platforms to launch our 'Help Change the World for the Better' campaign."

"We believe that working with these leading crowdfunding platforms will give us the traction and reach needed to meet our campaign objectives," added Mr. Frederick. "The crowdfunding and SRI models are becoming increasingly popular around the world. Both concepts involve ‘doing something good’ for the members of the global community and ultimately, as we believe, generate measurable and long lasting benefits for society."

Northern Providence Investments' Help Change the World for the Better campaign starts today and runs for the next 45 days. To learn more about the campaign please visit or the following crowdfunding websites: , , , , , , or

About Northern Providence Investments
Northern Providence Investments is an asset management firm engaged in the business of acquiring, developing, and managing SRI ("Socially Responsible Investing") investments. Northern Providence Investments and its investment portfolio advisors apply an investment strategy that analyzes, screens, and actively invests in companies that not only demonstrate financial, social, and environmental advantages, but also contribute to greater global sustainability.

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