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Leaders in niche dating are proud to launch a new site especially for the local Norwegian singles market bringing the latest internet technology to bring romance to Norway.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2012 -- Life is all about stealing beautiful moments and creating our own little treasure of events to remember. Imagine if you are originally from Norway and stationed in a faraway land and crave to meet someone from your country. You will most likely start a wild goose chase online and it is unlikely that you will be able to bump into Norwegian singles that happen to be at the same place at the same time. While there are plethora of dating websites, but you will be left high and dry with no results found. Eventually, you will give up all the random scouring and go back to your current lonely state. If you are a youth in a similar situation, here is a wonderful reason for you to rejoice! is an exclusive website which is dedicated to all the Norwegian singles across the globe to connect with each other. It creates a small social network of people who understand and appreciate their culture, traditions and speak the same language. We all know how having a common ground goes a long way in breaking the ice initially. This website understands the dynamics and complexities of living life where web world rules the roost. So, while you are connected to web almost round the clock, then why not use it to meet someone you would like to go out with for a casual date!

The website, stands out in that labyrinth of websites for it caters to a niche set of people and that can really help in saving a lot of time and effort. All you need to do is to fill a simple registration form to be able to contact people. There is a video diary on the website which is definitely worth a visit. Another very important key highlight of this website is that it is one of the very few websites which allows users to communicate in both English as well as Norwegian. This feature makes it an instant winner as a lot of people feel comfortable in communicating in their native language. So, all the apprehensions about language barrier are beautifully taken care of. There are good security measures to help you protect your identity in case you do not wish to reveal it all in the first go.

The website can be used by Norwegian singles without any difficulty as it has a very simple and elegant user interface and does not require too many skills to get started. Best things in life happen when you least expect them, but you need to take some chances and make some good choices. So, this is your forum to contact, communicate and convey your feelings and who knows, Cupid might just be watching from up there ready with its arrow!

Norway has its own charm and Norwegians have their own way of life. This website will definitely help the Norwegian singles who are ready to mingle to find some interesting people. A clear thumbs up from our side to this dedicated dating website for all the Norwegians out there!

Norwegian Dating
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