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Norwich Blinds Introduce Special Christmas Holiday Offers on Commercial Blinds

Norwich Blinds introduce special Christmas holiday offers on commercials blinds for office, industrial, hotels, retail and professional businesses.


Norwich, Norfolk -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Christmas holidays are approaching, and now is the time to receive special offers on commercial blinds for companies and organisations. Norwich Blinds sell a variety of styles in numerous colours, sizes, and shapes. Free estimates, home visit, installation and window measurements come with each order. A representative works with clients based on their needs, requirements and budget to control costs and save.

The window treatments are environmentally safe for all office buildings and manufacturing & industrial companies. Its durable materials resist excessive heat, extreme cold weather, mold, fungus, and bacteria build-up. There are no harsh chemicals or toxic substances in the commercial blinds that may cause danger to workers. Select a different design for executive offices, conference rooms, and/or lobby.

Norwich is now offering specials for SPC commercial blinds, which works wonderfully in large floor office space with cubicles. It is difficult to work with computers if there are excessive or the least amount of glare reflecting on monitors. The glare resistant blind includes solar reflective properties to withstand lighting of the sun and light fixtures. It helps to reduce injury to the eyes and keeps productivity efficient.

A spokesperson said, “Norwich Sunblinds’ commercial blinds are available in modern to eloquent styles for professional and retail businesses. During the holiday season, clients only have to pay for the cost of blinds with no additional prices for fitting and computing the window dimension.”

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