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Nose Secret Sees Immediate Response with Korean Market After International Advertising


Fort Lee, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- The vast majority of individuals are self-conscience about their appearance. When looking in the mirror, it is the various features of the face that stand out, particularly the shape or size of the nose. Alternative nose enhancers are available for straightening nose features to avoid the pain and unsettling feeling of surgery. After an international advertising campaign, Nose Secret is pleased to announce they have seen an immediate response with the Korean market.

According to the company, the number one nose enhancing retailer in Korea is Nose Secret. After the commercial featuring Michelle Phan applying the product aired, the market in Korea has responded tremendously. Based in New Jersey, customers around the globe are treated to prompt deliveries, further appealing to the international market. The company produced a blog that features a number of videos that show the happy and proud reactions from international customers, which can be seen here.

The nose splints are extremely flexible and come in various sizes to appeal to everyone. Sizes range from extra-small to extra-large that provide a naturally enhanced appearance without the scars of surgical procedures. Once implemented into the tip of the nose, customers see immediate results where the strips are unnoticeable to others.

Many customers have experienced great results from the easy to use product, and the company says it has seen an increase in purchases from individuals in the demographic of females from 18-35 years of age. The company stresses that the product is not just for women, but works great on males as well. For those who are looking to straighten a crooked nose, slim a wide nose, or refine a bulky nose, the Nose Secret is an affordable “do-it-yourself” nose lift where insertion and removal will become second nature in no time.

The strips can be purchased at the low price of $34.95 for a kit of three pairs. Visit the website to learn more about the sensation with a global reach, and take advantage of reshaping the nose without undergoing surgery.

About Nose Secret
Nose Secret provides instant results for individuals who want to change the look of their nose. A cosmetic that acts like makeup, their product kits offer a reliable alternative that enhances natural beauty while avoiding expensive and painful surgeries. Flexible plastic splints will reshape the nose for a refined, beautiful appearance. There are many benefits to the product, and it’s gaining worldwide recognition for its ease of operation.

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