Nose "torto": Natural, Powder or After Trauma Rinoplastia


Sao Paulo, Brazil -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2013 -- The crooked nose naturally or due to misuse of a rinoplastia is a big challenge for the surgeon. In cases of broken nose (eg post assault or accident) may be required more than one surgery, especially when the nasal bone was fractured into multiple smaller pieces. The inefficiency of surgery in these cases is due to the fact that the swelling may distort the small bone fragments making it impossible to consolidate uniformly. Therefore, patients with traumatic fracture of nose should be prepared for new procedures after at least 6 months of emergency surgery performed in a few days elapsed from the trauma.

The reasons for becoming deviated nose can be various. Basically, it can be very patient or due to trauma (accidental or surgical). The deviations may occur in the nose bone, cartilage, or both. If the deviation is bone fracture (osteotomy) need during plastic can correct the situation. If the deviation to include the underside of the nose, or also involve the region of cartilage, we perform surgical maneuvers to reposition the lower third of the nose. In these situations, it is also common to correcting a deviated septum because it is a frequent cause of deviation in the bottom of the nose.

A deviated nose to one side usually do not breathe well. If the deviation is natural family, the patient may not complain of breathing. The patient becomes accustomed to the poor quality of the breath as the design of it (which never had a good flow of air) breathing is normal. It is the same with the myopic patients who never used glasses; interpret her vision as normal, until the day who wear corrective lenses and realize how much could not see.

The crooked nose without cause traumatic changes results in some well-known by doctors. Probably, the septum is deviated in a "C", "S" or in other ways and this should be remembered before the rhinoplasty. When septal deviation occurs, the body tends to increase the turbinate ("spongy flesh") which is on the opposite side of the deviation. Thus, affect the flow of air from the side that was virtual volume to pass air. To fix all these changes, it is worthwhile to consult with a physician who has focused on nasal surgery, otherwise, it is prudent to request that an ENT follow surgery to treat completely the part of the aesthetic and functional rhinoplasty.

Patients suffering from trauma which results in immediate diversion nasal abruptly realize the loss of air flow, and possibly bleeding nose. This does not occur with those who have your crooked nose since adolescence because the change was being gradually over the years. Ideally hold while rinoplastia treatment of any type of nasal deviation with a team of great experience in the subject.

About Dr. Marcelo Wulkan
Dr. Marcelo Wulkan, PhD, is a plastic surgeon member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Upon completion of his residency in plastic surgery, he chose to specialize even more in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery in the United States. During his academic and international activities, Dr. Wulkan developed dozens of scientific papers and articles published in medical journals. He also presented lectures, courses, seminars and participated in numerous conferences in Brazil and other countries.