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Nosefrida the Snotsucker Now Has 10% Market Share in Australia and Is on Target for 30% This Year


Avoca Beach, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- Nosefrida the Snotsucker, the world’s best-selling device for Children that helps them breathe when they are suffering from colds and congestion is powering its way through the Australian market.

The product was imported by Steven Riley a dad-preneur, Riley stumbled across the product online while looking for an ailment for his baby girl, who was born with a severe cold.

He was so impressed with NoseFrida he decided to become the Australian distributor. And while he knew he was onto a good thing, he struggled to find an effective distribution channel.

The struggles Riley has had to get the product into Australia haven’t gone unnoticed; this test case is now being studied in universities Australia wide as a guide for future entrepreneurs as an example of persistence in the market.

As Nosefrida was new it was hard to sell through the Pharmacies as they didn’t want to take the risk on new products, Riley was desperate for a distribution channel.

“I had no distribution… the Pharmacies were not stocking the product and this was a product you needed in your hand straight away when your baby was sick, the fastest we could get the product to mums was 24 hours in express post which turned out to be very expensive indeed.

Then a mother in Perth asked to sell the product to her mother’s group, she sold 30 aspirators in one weekend and Riley had found his new distribution channel.

“I put together a good email to the mums who bought the product and sold it to them at wholesale rate. Over 50 mums became distributors off that first email and we haven’t looked back, Mums believe other mums.” Riley said

Then Nosefrida exhibited at the Pharmacy Guild of Australia where it won best new product.

“We got a lot of really good orders from that but I still have no national presence,” Riley says.

Terry White Pharmacies have agreed to take the it as an optional product but Nosefrida still has no National presence.

“There’s about 6,000 chemists [in Australia] and I’d be in under 300 so most of our sales have come directly through mums, this is an amazing show of the power of Social media, we have smashed our targets for the last three years, the bottom line is Mums believe mums, Riley said.

This year Nosefrida is going to concentrate on Pharmacies to increase number of Pharmacies stocking the product.

We plan to have 30% market share and 60% market share in year 5, Riley said.

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