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NoseSecret Offering Buy One, Get One Offer on Single Pair Nose Reshapers


Fort Lee, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- Every person is unique in their appearance. When experiencing minor cosmetic flaws in the nose, the first thought is rhinoplasty. As a high quality and natural nose job alternative, NoseSecret is now offering those who wish to try out their nose splints the chance to buy one individual splint and receive an additional nose reshaper free of charge. To provide comfort and accommodate the needs of all their customers, there are five different sizes from which to choose.

One pair of NoseSecret can now be purchased for $25.95, with an additional pair included in the package for free. With the order, customers will receive the splints, a removal tool, and a set of instructions to get the best results. Ranging from XS to XL, all sizes contain smooth, comfortable, plastic splints that are inserted gently into the front edge of the nostril to lift the tip and provide a more pleasing appearance for the user.

The material used for the splints is flexible and convenient to provide easy adjustments without feeling uncomfortable. Individuals who are looking for immediate nose reshaping without surgery will see their flaws erased as soon as the nose correctors are placed into the nostril. The company recommends increasing the amount of time the splints are worn each day to become accustomed to their feel. The nasal cavities will not be blocked, and users will have no trouble breathing through their nose while wearing the NoseSecret.

Customers looking for a reliable product to fix the shape of their nose without surgery can be confident the NoseSecret will provide them exactly what they’re looking for. With a number of positive testimonials on their site, including video testimonials, customers can see how easy it is to insert and remove, restructuring the nose for optimal results. To take advantage of the buy one, get one offer on the website, or to read more about the value of the product, please visit the website today.

About NoseSecret
NoseSecret provides instant results for individuals who want to change the look of their nose. A cosmetic that acts like makeup, their product kits offer a reliable alternative that enhances natural beauty while avoiding expensive and painful surgeries. Flexible plastic splints will reshape the nose for a refined, beautiful appearance. There are many benefits to the product, and it’s gaining worldwide recognition for its ease of operation.

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