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Not a Typical 'Bounty Hunter': New Fantasy Novel Features What Fans Are Calling "the Most Dynamic Character in Literature Today"

From author M.F. Burbaugh, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ is an innovative tale of love, loss, revenge and above all, courage in the face of tragedy.


El Paso, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2014 -- In a new novel by popular sci-fi/fantasy author M.F. Burbaugh, ‘The Bounty Hunter’, the main character witnesses the murders of his wife and child, and still lives to fight another day. This is only the beginning of Burbaugh’s unique take on the genre.

As fans have written to say, the book is not what they were expecting – not even a little bit. England is not the England as it is known today. The notion of a ‘bounty hunter’ is flipped on its head. The times are uncertain, and the relationships are complex, multi-layered, and vibrant with detail.

Following the journey of Sir Wendel, Burbaugh’s novel takes him on a voyage of discovery, as he is stripped of his titles and lands, loses his family, he picks up a sword called Ferocity’s Revenge and becomes known only as ‘The Bounty Hunter’. Unable to feel fear in the face of death, Sir Wendel becomes as legendary as any hero and soon finds himself embroiled in mystery, intrigue, romance and the violence of revenge.

“It’s not just about swashbuckling and adventure,” says the author. “Rather, it’s an examination of human emotions and how much a person can endure. Sir Wendel has seen horror beyond even his wildest imaginings. And yet, he continues to live and struggle through – partly to avenge his family, but also because he wants to live, and explore, and love again.”

A moving, often humorous story of a man stalked by death, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ combines a richly drawn mythology with multi-faceted characters and a dynamic, electrifying hero in Sir Wendel.

The god's do not always smile on the innocent.

Sir Wendel, once the youngest Knight in the land, has fallen from the good graces of the new king. His wife and child are brutally murdered as he is forced to watch and he is stripped of all his possessions save his sword which carries a name, a special name, called Ferocity's Revenge. Roaming the lands of England he hires out as a bounty hunter, soon he is known by that new name. When people want the best they seek The Bounty Hunter. With little more than a death wish he is thought to be fearless.

This England is not our England, it is a forgotten one. One stuck in time. At night the people sometimes see the gods battling for control in the skies, or do they? Join him in this saucy, revengeful, swashbuckling, epic story, as Sir Wendel finds himself in intrigue and mystery when he takes on an apprentice as part of a large fee deal, a young princess of a foreign kingdom bent on revenge and willing to do anything to get it.

Since its publication, ‘The Bounty Hunter’ has earned a five star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews.

“With a lot of wit, suspense, darkness and mystery, Burbaugh has done an amazing job of sprinkling in bits of humor to lighten up some of the darkness. This is not only a story of revenge and courage, but also a story of the human mind and the complexity of human emotions. The setting was quite enjoyable, as this England isn't England, as we know it! It's a place where power, when befallen upon the wrong person--can lead to epic disasters and rather epic heroes. This story is more than memorable with an interesting setting, unique mythology, a dynamic hero, and a quest for humanity and revenge--highly recommended,” wrote J. Calvin.

“This is a well written story of the trials and tribulations (of a bounty hunter and his employer) and the need to set things straight in their corrupt corner of the world. The plot is simple with a few interesting twists and an overlapping of agenda of which I will not go into detail. This book has everything you need to keep you entertained and wanting to read. Corrupt politicians and clergymen, humor, sex (not too graphic) and revenge,” wrote Tx Vet.

“Merle has written a beautiful deep story about the human mind, its preoccupation with myth, gods and wars,” wrote Biola Olatunde.

‘The Bounty Hunter’ is available now: http://amzn.to/NxNHbL

About M.F. Burbaugh
Born in the post war era of 1947 and raised in the farm country of upstate New York, MF Burbaugh saw ground level life and death.

In school, all the way into college he was an avid reader which put him in trouble as often as not. He had already read required reading books assigned as many as several years before and refused to reread them. From sixth grade on the requirement to read and report on a book a month again found him at odds. Seems DC Comics and Playboy were not considered valid for book reports so he made them up. Author, title, and storyline, from scratch, thus began his career as a story teller.

Joining the Army in 1966 and spending almost two years in Vietnam, he added to his grounding of reality, a reality his friends back home would never understand. He wrote his first novella there on toilet tissue (not the soft fluffy stuff we use today) and after 21 years in the Army, 2 children, three grandchildren and two great grandchildren he now resides with his wife of forty-three years in El Paso, Texas.

He writes mostly in the sci-fi/fantasy genre.