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Noted Brand Launches a New Breed of High End Car Camera


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/14/2013 -- A car camera is used for a number of reasons. It is in fact, the smartest car accessory one could ever invest in because besides the fact that the camera offers recreational joy, it also plays an important role in providing safety. Most cameras of today handle the basic need of recording images and videos but, don't go beyond this point and, if they do, it shows on their price. One brand however, which has managed to give customers the best of both worlds is Xcar DVR.

This is a company which has a rich collection of cameras ranging from Mini HD dashboard cameras to full-fledged HD cameras with built in sensors. Most of these cameras are designed to offer more than what is required. In other words, for the price customers pay purchasing the camera they get a lot more in return. Full HD 1080P Car Dash Camera with G-sensor which is one of the hottest selling car camera in the line is equipped with the technology to go into the auto protect mode for recorded videos immediately after impact.

Ambarella A2S60 Full HD Car Dash Camera Video Recorder is another dashboard car dvr camera which makes car tracking easy and comprehendible with records on speeds and other variables. These cameras are highly portable, compatible and for under a $100 one can expect to make a more than decent purchase.

Car cameras in the market with the same specs sell for a lot more and are usually on the bulkier side. These cameras are built to last, are lightweight and give the customer something extra to upgrade their car safety. One would imagine finding such cameras at a regular retail store but, Xcar DVR and its online assortment can any day prove to be a tough act to follow. Among several other online as well as offline retailers, the company is known to have the best in stock.

It has some of the most advanced cameras and the fact that these are affordable has car rear view camera made the long list of customers happy. Customers can find great deals on the website including those which offer free shipping. This is a company with a lot to offer. To know more, and start making purchases, log onto

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