Noted Coach of Elite Athletes Starts Amazon Author Page


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Brad Walker is more than just a conditioning coach. He is a coach of some elite athletes who participate in some of the most rigorous and grueling sporting competitions known.

“Most of my clients are triathlon participants, long-distance runners and cyclists and swimmers. These sports require enormous amounts of conditioning and stamina, and injuries are common,” Walker said about his clientele.

Walker’s website,, has a large selection of tips, training ideas and helpful notes for all athletes from children to professionals.

“My website has a taste of what you can expect from my books. My new Amazon Author page has considerably more information about my work professionally and how it can help athletes train, prevent and rehabilitate injuries,” Walker continued.

Walker’s Amazon Author page has all of his books, some of which have been on’s Best-Seller lists.

According to Walker, most athletes will get injured at some point. Proper stretching and muscle training helps prevent serious injury and reduces rehabilitation time after an injury.

“My books and DVD’s help teach athletes, trainers and coaches, how to stretch properly before, during and after training and competition. Since the Internet or a DVD player is not available during a competition or a training session, my books are the perfect companions for this. Just like a coach would not leave without a play book, or a trainer without strapping tape, my books should be included in their bag as well,” Walker continued.

Learn more about Walker’s Amazon Author page at walker.

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