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Notoginseng Root Extract Market: China's Dominance in 2018 Bolsters Growth; North America, Europe Follow Suit

Used as a perennial herb in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 4 centuries, quality of notoginseng tends to directly have its bearing on its safety and efficacy


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/28/2019 -- Exhaustive pharmacological and phytochemical studies on notoginseng root extract has revealed dammarane-type saponins to be the primary bioactive principles. Presently, use of notoginseng for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases such as lowering blood lipids, shielding arterial endothelium from injury, enhancing myocardial relaxation function and for pain and external bleeding owing to injury have made the plant popular among end-users. These insights are according to the intelligence report titled, "Notoginseng Root Extract Market—Global Industry, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Forecast, 2018-2028," which has been of late added to Market Research Hub's (MRH) exhaustive repository. Owing to efficacy and lower side-effects, notoginseng root extract is gaining prominence in North America and Europe. Besides, several proprietary Chinese medicines possess notoginseng, including notoginseng injury tablet; notoginseng tablets, notoginseng tongshu capsules. Accordingly, China ruled the roost in 2018 with over 65 percent market share. Also, the use of notoginseng root extract in cosmetics is slated to spur the growth of the notoginseng root extract market. The use of notoginseng root extract has expanded to several beauty products such as serums, moisturizers, cleaners, softeners have fared well consumers. Nevertheless, notoginseng possess antioxidant properties that aid in curing damaged and dry skin. Acknowledging the fad for notoginseng, e-commerce are vying to expand its footprints through robust supply chain management.

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Notoginseng Root Extract Market: Report Content
Quantitative and qualitative analysis accentuate the in-depth and robust report on the notoginseng root extract market. In addition, the report delves on dynamics in the market that are anticipated to have the influence on the growth of the notoginseng root extract market, comprising drivers, trends, restraints, and opportunities. Additionally, the report also focuses on segmentation of the market to offer a deep-dive analysis on notoginseng root extract.
The report sheds light on executive summary and overview section, which is aimed at providing a thorough assessment on the notoginseng root extract market. Further, the overview section delves into value chain analysis, PESTLE analysis, supply chain analysis, and pricing analysis to delineate notoginseng root extract market exhaustively.
Furthermore, the report elucidates benchmarking to assess the performance of the products and business processes and compare the performances of competitor companies both inside and outside the industry in search for optimal performance.
The robust analysis of the competitive landscape of the notoginseng root extract market hinges upon Porters' Five Force Analysis. As such, the Porters' Five Force Analysis focuses on the feasible strategies of the pertinent players in the notoginseng root extract market. Also, the business strategies depend upon product portfolio, company profile, SWOT analysis, key differentiation and recent development.

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Notoginseng Root Extract Market: Research Methodology
The report on notoginseng root extract market counts on primary sources and secondary sources that offer deep dive analysis and include unbiased and authentic sources. The report depends upon primary research substantiated by authentic and veracious analysis from pundits, telephonic interview and in-depth assessment from seasoned analyst, and surveys. On the other hand, the secondary research incorporates press release, EC filing, Factiva, governmental websites, resourceful database, and trade journals.