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NOTOX RF Takes the Aesthetic Show by Storm

NOTOX RF™, a novel, toxin free, nerve based treatment, takes The Aesthetic Show by storm.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The NOTOX RF™ treatment took The Aesthetic Show at the Mirage by storm. This revolutionary treatment delivered by the new NeuBelle™ RF device is produced by Serene Medical and distributed by LASERING USA. NeuBelle™ is the only bipolar RF device cleared by the FDA for temporary immobilization of facial motor nerves that control the corrugator/gabellar muscle (frown lines) and frontalis muscle (forehead lines). By deactivating nerves that control the muscles, the NOTOX RF™ treatment has been shown in clinical cases to immediately relax the muscle and smooth wrinkles. Treatment duration has been clinically documented to last 12 months and more.

The NOTOX RF™ treatment is temporary; patients will see a gradual return of the muscle function. In clinical cases the muscle function has been observed to return after about 12 months. Follow-up treatment can be scheduled at their convenience.

Bankim Mehta, CEO of Serene commented, “Response to NOTOX RF™ at The Aesthetic Show far exceeded my expectations. We are very excited about working with the cosmetic physician community to bring NOTOX RF™ to the consumer at large as a non-toxin treatment alternative.

During The Aesthetic Show, the affiliated Aesthetic TV interviewed Dr James Newman about the NOTOX RF™ treatment and the NeuBelle™ RF device. During the interview, Dr Newman said “The NeuBelle™ RF device and the NOTOX RF™ treatment is the next generation in treatment of facial wrinkles. Bipolar RF technology was chosen over monopolar RF technology because of increased patient safety, more predictable outcomes and greater patient comfort. NOTOX RF™ is very tolerable by the patient, takes only 20 minutes, they see immediate results and there is low down time. In other words, there is instant gratification. Over 600 patients have been treated with NOTOX RF™ and with a very high degree of satisfaction”.

Allen Howes, President of LASERING USA emphasized, “There is a clear direction for NOTOX RF™. With a proven track record of safety and efficacy, we expect the NOTOX RF™ consumer demand to rapidly increase. Patients and physicians alike can learn more about NOTOX RF™ by visiting

Eventually we will post a national NOTOX RF™ physician directory on line”.

For information about the NOTOX RF™ treatment by Serene Medical, contact LASERING USA at 866-471-0469.,

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