Manhattan Beach Based Nouráge Brings Century-Old Hair Enhancer to the US


Manhattan Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- The Manhattan Beach-based company Nouráge created a business by addressing the question: “If your hair could talk, what would it say?”

When Dorothy Payne walked into a salon in Paris, her hair did not talk but a stylist did.

Dorothy was traveling with her daughter Tina (from Manhattan Beach, CA) when she decided to visit a fashionable hair salon. The stylist, holding nothing back, told Dorothy that she had the worst hair he had ever seen. He mentioned a product called Homosan (which would later become Nouráge) that she should use to revive her hair. Dorothy was not completely put off by his comment because she had known that the women in her family generally speaking, did not have healthy hair. After the stylist worked his magic, Dorothy was ready to pay her bill and asked for the product he had mentioned. To her surprise, the product was only sold in Switzerland and the Paris salon did not carry it. This brought some legitimacy to the product because the stylist was not looking to simply “up-sell” Dorothy.

As luck would have it, Dorothy and Tina were traveling to Switzerland next and bought a three-month supply. Dorothy began to notice a difference in her hair after a several weeks and her friends noticed it too. They began complimenting her on the revival of her hair. In the following months, Tina moved to Switzerland to attend school. Her mom asked her to keep sending the “hair vitamins” to the US which Tina did. Dorothy was so impressed with her personal results that she was determined to bring this amazing product to the United States.

Dorothy’s friend Linda Martin was one of the people who noticed the revival of Dorothy’s hair. The two friends began importing the product from Switzerland to sell to friends and family. Demand for the product steadily increased, the friendship turned into a partnership, and a business was born.

As time passed, Dorothy formed a friendship with the man who created the original formula and explained that there was nothing like it in the US. As the man reached retirement age Dorothy was able to convince him she would make a great ambassador to carry on the legacy of this exclusive supplement. Impressed by Dorothy’s tenacity and personal commitment he agreed to sell the formula so that Linda, Dorothy, and their daughters could create the hair-nourishing supplement in America.

Rebranded Nouráge the women enlisted a team of scientists to further enhance this time-proven product and began selling. As friends began to share Nouráge, the news and demand spread and Nouráge soon began getting orders from around the world. Celebrity Kyle Richards, a long time user of the product, has been a major voice for Nourage and has spoken openly about its impact on her hair and her image. 

Today this exclusive product is only available directly from or through select dermatological clinics.

If your hair could talk, it would say: “I want Nouráge.”

About Nouráge
Discovered in the Swiss Alps, Nourage’s key ingredients have been used throughout Europe for more than a century. Thanks to founders Dorothy Payne and Linda Martin, these same elements were brought to the United States, reformulated to meet US safety standards and regulations.

Keratin, Nouráge’s natural, active ingredient, is an insoluble protein that forms the principal matter of hair and fingernails. However, in the preparation of the Nouráge formulation, a special process is used to enhance the solubility and bio-assimilation of keratin. Just as our bones become more brittle without adequate calcium supplementation in our diets, our hair becomes weaker and thinner without keratin supplementation to the hair follicles. Nouráge is a natural way to provide hair follicles the nutrients they need in order to do their job. Nouráge is only available through select dermatological clinics or by ordering direct.

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