Novella - The Afternoon when She Died Is a Mystical and Fantastical Tale


Trondheim, Norway -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- A newly published novella by Maria Johnsen. The Afternoon When She Died is a mystical and fantastical tale of a young woman finding her way through the political as well as supernatural side of life. Maya has immigrated to Norway, but soon discovers that being an immigrant can be a real threat to a girl’s dream.

Despite some disappointments, Maya falls in love with an intriguing young man named Tor who makes her everyday struggles a little easier. As they fall deeper and deeper in love while living happily together, racist attitudes still manage to keep Maya from finding employment. Not to mention some strange things like seeing ghosts are making Maya’s life more and more complicated!

Everything seems to fall apart when Maya asks the love of her life, Tor, to leave Norway and start a new life with her and he declines. Maya is slowly becoming more and more devastated by her employment situation, her boyfriend’s resistance to come away with her and the increasing ability to see ghosts. As Maya fights to make sense of her complicated life, there are surprises brewing she could never make sense of.

Maria Johnsen’s novella is a spellbinding mystical romance that all readers will enjoy as they discover that reality and the supernatural are never far apart.

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