Novice Numismatists Can Find Exactly What They Need with Adam Franklin's E-Book Beginners' Guide to Coin Collecting

His website portal offers his book with three supplements to benefit beginners in pursuing the hobby of coin collection.


Mbabane, SZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- If one tends to get the anticipatory jitters when reading a statement about the Lincoln cents, which are rare, but still in circulation, one certainly have the makings of a potential coin collector. Coin collection as a hobby can entice people for many reasons. People collect coins either based on its future perceived value, the historical time period to which it belonged, or simply the appeal of its historical value. As a hobby that can be traced back to the 14th century, beginning a coin collection also figures on many people’s New Year resolution agenda.

Whether the above reasons comply with one to take up the hobby of coin collection, or any other, there are certain ways to go about beginning ones first coin collection. In order to guide people to making a first attempt at their hobby, numismatist Adam Franklin, the author of e-book Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting, has outlined in his e-book everything that a novice numismatist should know to pursue his interest.

Further underlining his commitment to help beginners, Mr. Franklin has also introduced a website,, which sells his e-book, and is a must-visit for all aspiring to be successful collectors.The e-book is a complete guide to successful coin collecting and the website also hosts supplementary e-books to guide beginners.

“It’s just what I needed”, says Samual Baltimore, one of the readers of Mr. Franklin;s e-book from Washington D.C.

With his website, novice numismatists can learn all about becoming a seasoned collector. Broad categories include where to find the coins, which coins to look for, mints and mint markets, process and means for grading coins, a guide to auctions and detecting counterfeit coins, among other topics.

For just a onetime payment of $47, the portal allows users access to all four e-books (Beginners Guide to Coin Collection and its supplements- Investing in Gold Coins, Global Coin Collection and Coin Collecting Price Guide) with a 90% money-back guarantee.

Having read the e-books, Carlos Hillbrouge says “I'm ready to explore this hobby. Your ebook provided me with all the information I needed in being a Numismatist. I also like the fact that I know of almost all the types of coins from different parts of the world from your global coin collection guide.”

In order to learn the ropes involved in becoming a successful coin collector, log on to

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