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Novick Agency Enforces PA Pool Fence Regulations


Bensalem, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2019 -- For many people of Pennsylvania, the summer time is filled with countless days spent by the pool. Novick Agency wants to ensure a summer of fun for its clients and encourage learning clients to take the time to learn the pool fence requirements in PA. Novick Agency not only offers homeowner's insurance, but affordable life insurance is available for PA residents as well.

Insurance companies consider pools "attractive nuisances", which means it increases the liability risk of a homeowner. Any body of water deeper than 24 inches is considered a pool, needing to meet the safety standards of the state.

A fence must surround all sides of the pool, with a height of at least 4 feet. In Pennsylvania, there are specific rules regarding fence ownership and permits depending on the county, so be sure to research the regulations particular to the area.

In-ground pools must have a fence with a gate with a latch, and that is self-closing. The house can be used as the fourth side of the fence, but if there is no gate between the pool and house, each door leading to the pool must have a sounding warning device. Self-closing gates must be lockable.

Above ground pools must have a lockable or removable ladder that can be removed or locked when no one is using the pool. The sides of the above ground may act as the fence, but only if it is at least 2 feet tall. If the yard of an above ground pool does not have a fence, there needs to be a built-in fence.

Some helpful pool safety tips by Novick Agency include never swimming alone, not leaving kids unattended, keeping kids away from filters, letting guests know how deep the pool is, limiting alcohol use, and letting guests know the rules of a diving board.

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