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Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/17/2014 -- Custom ordered, built to last hot tubs and spas are available direct to customers in Atlanta, from Alps Spas. All spas come with a lifetime warranty on the stainless steel constructed frame. The acrylic backing is environmentally safe and all spas are water-tested for twelve hours to ensure all components are properly working. Come visit the Atlanta location or call today.

Below is a listing of hot tubs produced and sold from the factory in Atlanta Georgia.

Aspen: Slip into comfort that fits a budget. 36 Hydrotherapy jets apply direct pressure to the neck, upper and lower back, hips, calves, and feet. Feel the stress just melt away. Holds 272 gallons/1030 liters of water.

Innsbruck: With all the power and features found in larger spas, the Innsbruck will perfectly fit into smaller spaces. This ultra sleek "spa for two" has a large entry step and handrail, making this unit extremely accessible.

Innsbruck XLS: Featuring two of the most comfortable seating areas with the most beneficial hydrotherapy features, the Innsbruck XLS allows relaxation while getting a full body massage in the therapeutic hot seat. Soak in relaxation in the step area, while enjoying the powerful hip jets. This elegant unit gives meaning to the phrase "good things come in small packages."

Ciara: One of the most popular models, the Ciara is packed with 49 hydrotherapy jets, with each seat providing a unique massage. Seats 4-5 people, as it is equipped with multiple ergonomic seats, perfect for all body types.

Ciara XLS: With a total of 62 Hydrotherapy jets, slip into the Ciara XLS and find total relaxation. Ergonomically designed to provide maximum hydrotherapy to all parts of the body, the Ciara seats up to five people. Just as beautiful as it is versatile, the Ciara XLS can easily fit into most sunrooms, basements, or screened porches, without having to remove walls or doors.

Avalanche: Very similar to the Ciara, but without the lounge seat, the Avalanche is perfect for entertaining and fits in most sunrooms, basements, or screened porches. Featuring 54 Hydrotherapy jets, the Avalanche will help melt away stress, along with five friends.

Avalanche XLS: Featuring 66 total Hydrotherapy jets and seating for up to six people, the Avalanche XLS is designed to bring a unique massage that will wash away the stress of the day. Multiple hip and hand jets, unique to this spa, hit areas of the body that others do not.

Everest: With comfortable seating for six and many seating options, the Everest can accommodate all sizes and is contoured not to push or float people out of the seat. Holds 425 gallons or 1608 liters of water.

Everest XLS: Powerful whirlpool jets create a relaxing current or a high pressure massage for the legs and lower back. Unique vertical jets in the companion and swing seats provide an upward current not found in most spas. Submerse in the Everest XLS to relieve the stress and strain of the day.

Olympus: Feel like a god or goddess sitting in the lap of luxury, relaxing and melting away the stressors of the day, in this spacious Olympus model. Featuring 72 Hydro therapy jets and a reverse neck chair and companion seat, the Olympus seats up to five people.

Olympus XLS: Featuring a newly designed hot seat, equipped with reverse neck and shoulder jets to reach the areas other spas cannot, the Olympus XLS is packed with 91 Hydrotherapy jets targeted to massage all parts of the body.

K2: Featuring "the Extreme Therapy Chair," which provides an unsurpassed hydrotherapy massage not found in other spas, the K2 is a larger, more spacious spa that seats up to eight people. Foot massage lovers, the K2's large 360 degree foot dome allows for a foot massage from every seat.

K2 XLS: Loaded with unique therapy seats, including a 31 jet total body massage seat, 360 degree foot massage, reverse neck seat and multiple cool down and companion seats, the K2 provides unsurpassed power quality, with many features not found in any other spa. It seats up to eight people and features 103 total Hydrotherapy jets.

Himalaya: Whether concentrating on the pressure points in the back or neck or just receive a relaxing foot or calf massage, the Himalaya features seating for up to six people. An optional feature includes a Blue Tooth MP3 Stereo System, allowing for listening to favorite music as 41 Hydrotherapy jets massage muscles and joints into relaxation.

Rainier: Featuring a lounger seat which allows for a fully body massage, the Rainier provides seating for up to five comfortably. With 45 total Hydrotherapy jets, the Rainier makes the perfect addition to any sunroom for that tropical relaxation feeling.

Newport: With a lounge seat that features upper neck, leg, and direct foot jets, the Newport is designed to melt away the stress from the upper and lower body. It seats up to six people comfortably and features 61 total Hydrotherapy jets.

Matterhorn: Enjoy year round swimming and aquatic exercise, while indulging in the hydrotherapy benefits of a top of the line hot tub, in this Matterhorn swim spa. Featuring 33 total Hydrotherapy jets and seating for up to six people, the Matterhorn swim spa also has large entry steps on both sides, allowing piece of mind that this treasure can be enjoyed for years in the home.

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