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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2012 -- The famous fictional character of Sookie Stackhouse created by the celebrity author Charlain Harris is becoming increasingly popular day by day and keeping this fact in mind, the website Sookie Stackhouse Series is now offering the complete series of the book online. By creating this supernatural character, Harris has tried to create her own niche in writing mysteries combined with the ingredients of love, romance and also a bit of blood. Such a unique blend makes her books pretty interesting and people who love her writings can access her all released books on the website. She has written 13 books in total and 12 have been released so far. All 12 books are now available on the website of Sookie Stackhouse Series.

All the great works of Harris have been arranged on the site in a chronological order. Her book loving fans can read the excerpts from each of the books on the site, brought by Amazon. The excerpts and brief reviews will give the readers an idea what the book is all about and why it’s a must-to-be-read and popular novel for people who are more interested to delve into a world of mystery and suspense. Moreover, the website offers the buying opportunity of the Sookie Stackhouse Series brought by Amazon.

The Sookie Stackhouse character has gained immense popularity and which has made Harris a celebrated author. The popularity of Harris’ works can be assessed by the fact that her ‘True Blood’ series recently featured on HBO. Her books are in great demand and now people can find all her writings in a single place. One of her fans overwhelmingly said, “It’s good to find all her writings on this website. I have read all her books. I am waiting for her 13th novel. I hope as soon as it releases, it will be available on the website. I’ll keep checking, however.”

Her new book is expected to release in May 2013 and according to the site, the new book is supposed to draw her fans in large numbers to the website. Her publisher of the new book is also very excited at the prospect of her new book and is confident of selling record copies. The Sookie Stackhouse Series website already started getting queries and the sales of the book through Amazon are also expected to peak very high. However, readers can now check all Harris books on the website

About Sookie Stackhouse Series
Sookie Stackhouse Series is the series of books written by Charlain Harris. She has created the fictional character of Sookie Stackhouse and has written 13 books so far, out of which 12 books have been released. The description and excerpts of all her books are available on the website and people can even buy the books, which the website facilitates through Amazon.