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Overcoming a Global DNA Methylation Assay Issue


Farmingdale, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- An assay is an analytic (investigative) procedure in pharmacology, environmental biology and many other fields. It is used to assess (quantitatively) or measure (qualitatively) the amount or presence of the analyte; the functional activity of a target entity. In layman’s terms, an assay is a medical/scientific procedure that needs to be standardized, regularized and made available across the world to the scientific community, in order to carry out research unimpeded.

The need for an assay is nowhere more greater than in DNA methylation, one of the key processes of epigenetics, a fast growing field of scientific research that refers to heritable changes in gene expression that do not involve any modification to the underlying DNA sequence. Epigenetics is at the forefront of unearthing a plethora of human disorders, diseases and syndromes. That is why, for many in scientific communities across the globe, the Epigentek DNA methylation assay kit is a cheap, viable and extremely accessible option.

Globally, there are various methods for assessing DNA methylation across the globe including LINE1 and LUMA assays, M.Sssl acceptance assays, and liquid chromatography or mass spectrometry techniques. The issue though is that while these are viable assaying methods, they are often used as a screening tool and are impractical when it comes to obtaining desired results. This is because these methods prove ineffective, owing chiefly to inaccuracy of data, or worse, high costs. Another problem is that they require niche expertise.

The solution, therefore is an assaying technique that is accurate and delivers easily interpretable results and meets the gold standards of mass spectrometry. This is what the Epigentek DNA methylation assaykit provides. Additional pluses include:

High throughput assay capability, faster completion of the assay and protocol similar to the common ELISA technique.

What makes this kit truly accessible to every lab or researcher across the globe is that it does not require fancy or special equipment. In a way, this would be the most cost effective method through which one could derive global 5-mC quantitation.

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Epigentek’s DNA methylation assay Kit is a novel product that makes DNA Methylation accessible, cost-effective, efficient and eliminates the need for niche equipment or special equipment.

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