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“Loan approvals are usually generated within 60 seconds or less from the time of application”


Charleston, SC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2014 -- AMS Financial Solutions, Inc. is offering the easiest method to track down the most suitable medical loans. The company is offering a quick search feature that intakes user’ loan details like loan purpose, loan amount, and credit score, and reverts with the most ideal loan programs to choose from.

Patients can thoroughly review the listed loan programs before choosing the most suitable one among them. This easy and innovative search reduces the hassles of the debtors to a large extent. As claimed on the AMS website, “Loan approvals are usually generated within 60 seconds or less from the time of application”. The company further quotes, “It normally takes up to one week for patients to receive their medical credit card after which they can pay their medical bills without annoyances. They can further make arrangements to pay service provider directly.”

Patients can look for a diverse kind of loans available at AMS Financial Solutions. They include 0% financing for cosmetic surgery, Medical Surgery and Dental Surgery, Unsecured Medical and Dental Loans, Challenged Credit Loans, Dental Credit Cards and Payment Plans, Healthcare Loans and Healthcare Financing, as well as Business Loans and Lines of Credit.

AMS Financial Solutions proves to be a better alternative to traditional loan methods by adding the quotient of quickness and affordability to the whole loan-searching-mechanism. Clients can thus acquire immediate loans up to $100,000; in case they fall out of cash or insurance limits.

About AMS Financial Solutions, Inc.
Located in Charleston, SC, AMS Financial is known for dental loans, healthcare loans, medical loans and health care financing. AMS Financial is a trusted partner to over 15,000 service provider partners nationwide. In addition, the company is an industry expert on consumer financing and featured in many trade magazines and industry round tables. With over 30 years of hands-on consumer direct lending experience, in financing a dental procedure, cosmetic surgery or any other type of medical financing need and helps their clients in getting the loan fast and efficiently.

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