Now It's Easy to Transform Water from Pure to the Purest Form with Biocera

Serving since 1994, Biocera is aimed at providing a happier and healthier life to the users of its products by manufacturing and marketing several anti-bacterial and alkaline water medical equipments and provide clean drinkable water.


Wanju, Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/22/2016 -- Managed by Dr. Jeon Hyoung-Tag, Biocera's prime concern is to improve and enhance the well-being of humans both physically and mentally as a healthy body ensures a healthy mind. To maintain a healthy physique consumers need to take healthy diets but in most cases they end up gathering an increased amount of acidic wastes in their body from several sources like the food that they eat, the air that they inhale and the water that they drink. Majority of the pollutants in our body is gathered from drinking contaminated water. Biocera's technologically advanced water devices provide an appropriate solution to such problem.

The alkaline pitcher of Biocera adds minerals like magnesium, sodium, potassium and calcium to the purified water enhancing its quality which helps in the effective functioning of the brain, heart and body. It can replenish around 2liters of water per use and adds value and taste to the water. There is excess amount of hydrogen in the pitchers which absorbs the oxidant free radicals from the body enhancing water retention and the hydration level. Basically, it ensures clean drinkable water to quench thirst while maintaining a certain hygiene level.

The alkaline water filtration technique of Biocera uses crystal ball filters to provide clean drinkable water which are clinically tested and are long lasting. The alkaline water filter is available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet both commercial and residential needs. The biggest model of this filter has the capacity to purify around 150,000 liters of water. It not only detoxifies the water but also adds the much required minerals and flavour to provide the best results.

A major benefit of subscribing to Biocera's alkaline water filter and pitcher is that it reduces the harmful oxygen radicals from the body preventing the occurrence of severe diseases like osteoporosis and heart ailments. Another benefit is the ability to enhance the metabolic activity of the body and brain and provide for bone strength and energy. All these ensure a healthy and happy future for the generation to come.

About Biocera
Biocera has been established by Dae-Sung Ceramic R&D Corporation in March 1994 with the sole purpose of creating a pollution free and healthy environment for the residents of the world through the manufacture of air, water and anti-bacterial products. The major concern of Biocera is to ensure a better future for the present as well as the future generation. The R&D sector of the company mainly focuses on providing better services to its customers and enhances the lifestyle of humans through carrying out antibacterial experiments as per the global standards.

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